Saturday, February 26, 2011

" Communal Kerala? "- My 2nd article in the series- ( ) (available in front page-lounge-without registration on Sunday,27thFeb ; after 27th register and search)

 Theories about a communally polarised society are gaining prominence in Kerala, especially amongst the Marxist intelligentsia..However in an EXCLUSIVE Interview with the author of this blog, noted historian and Former Chairman of ICHR,Dr.M.G.S.Narayanan dissects the issue and comments that communalism in Kerala is partly imported, partly constructed and partly an exaggeration by the psuedo-secularist Marxist combine. He is equally critical of the R.S.S at the pan Indian level, since they are also involved in the manipulation of history. History, it seems, is still written by the winners in post-modern India....
 Dr.K.N.Panikkar, Marxist historian.
MGS Narayanan, Former Chairman, ICHR.